HOP Elite Performance Formula represents the programs offered by HOP Performance Research Institute

Our mission:

Making the Impossible Possible

What happens when you are already a high achiever and looking to set new heights for your success and performance but also being torn by the fact it seems your life is out of harmony?

If this sounds like you then The Elite Performance Formula for High Achievers is what you need!

You can expect the following:

  • Increased revenues and profits while feeling more balanced
  • Consistently breaking records and setting new personal bests
  • Rewire neural pathways to increase speed of learning
  • New Mindset = That includes increased confidence, more fun, and ROI-Ripple of Impact

See results in under 90 days

Individualized + virtual coaching designed to meet your specific goals

Highly Focused Intensity

We know that with highly focused intensity you will make the most meaningful impact with your time. By improving your focus and cognitive functioning abilites, you will experience clarity around your priorities and align your efforts where you bring the most value.

Stimulating & Supportive

With leading edge research, insights, tools, and supports, your experience will be both stimulating and supportive. You will be part of a confidential peer-to-peer cohort that broadens your network, knowledge and inisghts, and support as you travel on this journey together with HOP and your colleagues.

Super Fun & Impactul

We are all more motivated when what we know what we are doing is fun while also providing positive impact…not just for yourselves but for those you love and care for most. this also ensures you get the most results in your purpose driven goals and experience the greatest meaningfulness in your contributions.

Personally Relevant

This is your gift to yourself! We want to honour that and ensure you get our foundational pieces but tailor coaching and support to your goals.

Leading Edge

As an evidenced-based, tech-enabled firm driven on elite performance results, we are continually researching and bringing the latest insights, neuroscience, tools and technologies to maximize results.

High Performance Without Losing Your Soul

This is what we are about and why people and organizations seek us out! We focus on the HOP 4 Sets model that provided what we call “higher order performance” and changes people and organizations from the inside out.

“The team at HOP are such a great group of folks.

They know high performance and understand the needs of high achievers.

Their program is fun and they make it a pleasure working together!”